On the site it is forbidden:

Any activity illegal in the territory of the Russian Federation:
Discussion and propaganda of terrorism and any unlawful actions provided for by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.
Discussion of the manufacture of explosives, references to similar materials or instructions for manufacturing.
Discussion or planning of murder, theft, robbery, as well as any help in this, in any form.
Discussion of drug trafficking and drug use, smoking mixtures. And also mentioning or links to sites, the content of which can help in finding places of sale of narcotic drugs.
Crimes in the field of information technology (hacking, phishing, copyright infringement).
Pornography, coprophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia in any form.
Kindling of interethnic, racial, religious or any other discord (enmity).
The use of obscene and profanity in any form, regardless of language. As well as any provocations or speculations around the veiling of such words. And also obscene or non-normative names (nicknames) of users. Also obscene vocabulary is prohibited.
Any advertising, as well as mentioning alcohol products, cigarettes, prostitution, dietary supplements and medicines. Discussion or motivation to buy or consume all of the above.
Direct, indirect or veiled insults other users of the portal. Threats by personal violence or other destructive actions that could lead to conflict. Provocations in any form and on any topic, as well as boorish and disrespectful attitude towards other users of the portal. As well as insults by changing the username.
Advertising in any form, including advertising of organizations, goods, Internet resources, placement of referral links and self-promotion. Any commercial activity, including trading games, accounts, keys or game currency. A commercial activity means the sale of something for money or their equivalent.
Referral links to online stores of game products or games. As well as any referral links.
Activities related to the dissemination of information containing defamation, or discrediting business or personal reputation of organizations or people.
Provocations around, as well as discussion of those directly or indirectly related to politics, ideologies, religions or nationalities.
Intentionally clogging sections of the site with useless, uninformative messages, messages consisting of randomly repeated symbols, as well as sending multiple identical messages, including messages consisting of pictures or special characters stretching the page of the site to either side. And also the constant use of translit, Caps Lock or excessive use of text formatting tags in a way that will interfere with other project participants.
Activity on the artificial increase in the profile indicators. Activities related to the wrapping up of any indicators, as well as the automation of such processes. For example: the number of downloaded content, subscriptions to games, “I like” tags, bonuses, friends or views of added content, etc.
Send messages or post materials containing text, images and scripts used to incorrectly display pages of the site from other users, including the use of site errors. Insert HTML-code / script into messages to collect information about other users.
Create additional accounts. One person should have to only one account.
Create new topics with names that do not reflect the essence of the problem or issue.
Place content violating the rights of third parties.
Public condemnation of the decisions of the Administration of (including moderators, as representatives of the Administration) regarding the moderation and / or administration of the forum / site, argue and argue with the moderator or administrators.
Trolling in any form.
It is completely forbidden to place on any pages of the site links to download the full versions of any games that have leaked into the network of beta versions.

Administration reserves the right not to enter into correspondence with users on the penalties for violation of these rules. Sanctions are imposed without prior warning and are not subject to further appeal.
Administrators and moderators have the right of preferential interpretation of those or other points of site rules in case of statements about the presence of double meaning at such points on the part of the user.
This list of rules can be supplemented or changed at any time without prior notice.
Ignorance of these rules does not relieve you of responsibility for their violation.

The content posted by the user may be deleted by the site administration at any time without prior notice to the user at the request of third parties, rightholders or other reasons. The administration of the site does not bear any responsibility to the user for such actions.

If you are the copyright owner and your intellectual property is published without permission on our site – immediately contact us via mail In the shortest time, we will make your property inaccessible to users.